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Welcome to the search page of the indexes to the "Rivista di Filologia e di Istruzione Classica".

Years 2003-2004 (vols. 131-132) of the journal are entirely occupied by indexes covering the full range of volumes, from the first issue (1873) up to the year 2016: a complete index of authors of articles, reviews (merged with full bibliographic details), news, and a list of reviewed publications.

All this represents the result of a huge job, wanted and coordinated by the Director of the journal in those years, Leopoldo Gamberale, and allowing for an unprecedented overview of the rich activity of the journal over the years (as he noted in his Introduction to vol. 131, 2003).

This rich database, previously only available in print and on CD-ROM, is now available online. It is constantly updated, allowing a faster, more accurate and complete search, thus enabling visitors to fully tap into the rich collection of studies of the Journal.

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